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All About Finding Snake Oil.

I was feeling like Dana Scully on a cold and dark forest deflating werewolf legends. However, the day was sunny in Walla Walla, Washington when I decided to walk into a pot shop pretending I wasn’t aware of that. This is one of those forests that stocked crystals, flip-flops, bracelets, and water bottles. The store smelled of pine and lavender and the store duo approached as I got in with my wife. There was some bit of small talk then the man started elaborating. He intentionally avoided using words like vibrational energy as well as new age in the process. He as direct in asking whether we had been facing aches, anxiety attacks or even depression. He seemed very disappointed when the answer he got was no. The next thing was him telling us he was also skeptical when he started out. According to him, one day a friend gave him a water bottle which made water sweeter than usual. After some experimental tasting, he decided that the rocks at the bottle of the water bottle were the cause for that. There was inertia of the electrons because the crystals had electric energy. We were then led through trinkets full of crushed crystals while explained cocooning.

There was an image of Don Ameche and Maureen Stapleton dancing and it looked like they were teenagers. He finally showed us rubber black sheets which were full crystals. You had to lay down in order to use them and they go below and over your body. Through this process, you will be trapped in an energy field. This is an experience we went through. Despite the weight of the sheets, they had a calming effect. Last year I went for an ankle x-ray it wasn’t quite the same. The mats had a conifer forest smell and the sensation was like getting a welcome hug on an autumn evening that is. We did get some samples of the goods sold at the store when we were leaving, and my wife and I did share our thoughts. We agreed that cocooning made us feel calm and comfort.

The skin is the most extensive organ in the human body. When someone hugs you, the receptors on the skin send signals to the brain to release oxytocin. If you are interested in snake oil history and also the uses you can discover more here.