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Finding a Sound CBD Business Opportunity

With the explosion of the CBD market, more and more people are now partnering with CBD brands. This allows business owners to provide the products that their customers want. On the other hand, this can also raise a question: how do you select the right CBD oil opportunity for you?

Quality of Products

Let’s face it: there’s an entire range of junk out there in the CBD market, but there are ways to make it easier to find trustworthy products.

Comprehensive Product Range: In contrast to CBD isolates, full-spectrum CBD products offer so many healthful cannabinoids, flavonoids, fiber, vitamins and minerals, proteins and many others that together create an enhanced result (the so-called entourage effect).

Zero THC: If you want to sell a family-friendly product that can be used by everyone, choose products that have no THC. THC is what that makes one high.

Predictability: Find a brand that makes use of consistent formulations to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting each time.

Variety: when you have a whole variety of products, from vapes to tinctures and more, you can meet your customers’ varying needs. Find CBD opportunities that offer great variety so that your customers don’t have to look elsewhere.


When a CBD distributorship is poorly managed, it is not set up to offer an optimal level of service. This leads to a lot of retailer issues like unreturned phone calls, delayed orders, missing products, and so on. As you pick your CBD partner, think of a company that provides a level of service that you can be totally confident about.


When considering a company to partner with, review their branding. A good test in their product packaging. How do they present their products? What is the quality of the materials used? Always find a good brand to identify with.

Marketing Support

When you have strong marketing support, educating your your customers and employees on the benefits of CBD will come much more easily. When you evaluate the marketing support provided by a certain brand, see if they give out samples to potential customers, banners, product displays and the like. Most importantly, they should follow a tested and proven MLM strategy.

Reasonable Pricing

Full-spectrum CBD products typically fall in the same pricing range, but they differ in product types and formulations. This is the most important part of understanding your customers’ wants and needs. Formulation strength is behind the biggest discrepancy between price point and consumer interest. You’ll find products in 2000 mg or 3000 mg formulas, and not a lot of people will be interested in them. They would usually want products that have weaker and cheaper formulations but still effective nonetheless. If you’re looking for success in the CBD market, these products are best for you to get started.

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