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Tips on Own Home Inspection Checklist

The final stage of buying and selling a home is home inspection after you have done thorough research and put an offer. Home inspection involves a lot of considerations unlike appraisals that just involve estimation of the homes price in relation to its value. Inspecting of a home can either be done by an agent or you can do it yourself. Because hiring a professional is expensive, you may opt to do a home inspection yourself. The following are the steps to follow when doing a home inspection yourself.

You should consider starting by inspecting the basement and the foundation. This is why you should walk directly to the basement first to inspect it when you enter a house. The basement contains most of the pipes for plumbing and some electrical installations of the house, therefore, look whether they are easily accessible for repairs. Also, remember to check for mould and any damage caused by termite. When you enter the basement and realize it has a bad smell or some dampness; this might be an indicator of the presence of mould. You should also ensure that you check the concrete and the wood in the basement. In case you see small cracks on the concrete wall, do not be worried for it is normal, but be cautious of bug cracks on the walls.

Consequently, you should move on to checking the kitchen and bathrooms. Finish checking the plumbing by checking the kitchen and the bathroom plumbing. Make sure that there is no leak in the pipes. Check whether all the taps are working and that they have good pressure and flash the toilet to ensure it is working.

The other thing to check is the appliances and the house systems such as AC. ensure that all the appliances of the home are working, for example, you may switch on the bulbs to see if they are working. This is important because broken or nun-functioning appliances means that you will incur more to repair them.

The roof interior and the attic should be the next place you check. There are two things to be keen about when checking the attic, the first is moulds, and the other is to check whether the wool has any water or termite damage Also, check the interior of the roof to see if it is in good condition.

The last thing you should check is the house exterior. Even though you may have seen the exterior as you walked in, now do a more intense inspection of it. Make a walk around the house and inspect the condition of the house, beware of any large cracks. The exterior also includes the outside roofing condition, therefore, make sure it is good and also check to see if the gutters of the house are installed correctly and you can find help from the website that provide info about reliable roofers and learn more on whether they are reliable.

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