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Essentials of Improving User Experience in Website Development

You websites for the user and not just for you which is why you need to ensure they are having the best experience when they visit the site. What you might think is ineffective might not elicit the same feelings in the users. There has been a significant decrease in how attentive people are in the last 2 decades. The decrease has been by 12 seconds. This is not something website designers should take lightly. It only takes eight seconds to capture the attention of the user. This is determined by the value proposition. The chances that they will lose interest if you do not make your point in those 8 seconds are high. When you want to design a website, you have to be informed on how to be compelling to the user so that they will not just be scrolling right past it. First of all, you need a unique value proposition. There is a lot of emphases put on making a great impression at first but remember that the content is what will make the user stay. The decision on whether to check another site or stay on the current one all depends on the value proposition. Basically, this is the information on how the product you are offering or service will be beneficial to the user. The specific benefits should be highlighted too and an explanation on why what you are offering is better than what the competitors have.

Do your best in decluttering the website too. A poorly organized site is not pleasing to the eye. In addition, clutter will cause confusion to the brain. A 20% increase in comprehension has been noted on websites where white space is added on the margins and also between paragraphs. The layout of the webpage may not have a big effect on the site performance but it does improve the user experience and satisfaction. The mood of the user can be affected by the design elements on your website. Aim to make your users happy and not the opposite. You can generate more leads by simply adding a white space. It reduces the effort the reader has to invest in browsing the site and this makes it easy to navigate.

Ensure there is a call-to-action button on the site. It is not just an attractive feature but also invaluable. Do not just assume that just because you are not selling a particular product or service then you do not require it. This might be your call for the person to download the ebook you have, register for a free trial or even subscribe to your mailing list.

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